Try a "Boost" today!
Up to three times of
  • 20 minutes one-on-one private instructional lesson
  • Skate rental
  • Ice time
If you wish to continue, you will have to schedule private lessons with the coach directly.
Booster lessons are mini private lessons designed to give a "boost" for young children with no prior skating experience. These lessons are 20 minutes long and could be scheduled during public or freestyle sessions. Skaters may take just one lesson or schedule up to three "boost" lessons.
These lessons will help develop the ABCs of movement - Agility, Balance and Coordination. The ABCs are essential for developing fundamental movement skills and physical literacy.
Lessons will be taught in a positive environment, making lesson time an enjoyable experience whatever your child would want to become future hockey or figure skater.
The fee per Booster lesson is $20 and must be paid at the skate rental prior to the lesson. Skaters purchasing a lesson must bring their receipt to their scheduled instructor before the lesson time.
Any applicable discounts DO NOT apply to the Booster lesson opportunity.
If you need to cancel lesson, please notify coach 24 hours in advance.
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