Our innovative
ASPIRE Program
is an accelerated and affordable package
OFF-ICE: 5:30-6:00PM
ON-ICE: 6:05-6:50PM
2022 Schedule
August 19th - September 23rd
September 30th - November 4th
November 11th - December 16th
The Aspire program offers skaters an introduction to all elements of figure skating and provides the next steps to those who will continue to skate recreationally or move forward competitively. The class is open to skaters whose levels are at Basic 5 through Free Skate 3.
ON-ICE Skating Skills
  • stroking
  • edges
  • power
  • introductory moves in the field
  • spins
  • jumps
OFF-ICE Conditioning
  • proper stretching techniques
  • conditioning exercises
  • warm-up and cool-down tips
Students are evaluated and tested based on Learn To Skate USA criteria.
All participants must be current FWISC or Learn to Skate USA members, and must Register & Pay online at
SportONE/Parkview IceHouse Aspire Program
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