ON-ICE: 5:20-6:05PM
OFF-ICE: 6:15-7:00PM
2022 Schedule
August 19th - September 23rd
September 30th - November 4th
November 11th - December 16th
Class will focus on variety of difficult turns, cluster patterns, unlisted jumps, using edges and toe steps helps skaters be more skillful and perform difficult footwork during their on ice performance.
ON-ICE Skating skills
  • Edges, control and body alignment
  • Change direction without losing speed, improve speed and power
  • Basic spin positions and flying spin technique
  • Variety of difficult spin variations
OFF-ICE Conditioning
  • Warm up
  • Jump specific strengthening
  • Jump rotation
  • Stability, balance and coordination
  • Cool down
All participants must be current FWISC members, and must Register & Pay online at
SportONE/Parkview IceHouse Elite Skating Academy
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