Alena Lunin

Skating Director

Credentials: PSA level V ranking, PSA Senior Rated in Freestyle; Master of Sports International Class Rated by the Soviet Union (URRS) Figure Skating Federation

Coaching Achievements: US Figure Skating Championship Pairs Bronze Medalists. Midwestern and Pacific Coast Championship Champion/Medalists.  EGL and NW Regional Champions/medalists.

Skating Achievements: 1985 Junior World Championship Pair Bronze Medalist; 1985 USSR National Junior Pair Silver Medalist, Twice Senior Pairs USSR National Cup Medalist; Five times Belarus National Pair Champion.

Trained by: Olympic Coach – Elena Tchaikovskaia, Three times Olympic Pair Champion – Irina Rodnina

Twice World Championship Silver Medalist – Sergei Shakhrai

Areas for Private Lessons: High and Low Freestyle, Pairs, Choreography, MITF, Power Stroking, Group
Private or semi-private rate: $24 (per 20min)

Private or semi-private rate: $24 (per 20min)

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Alexander (Sasha) Lunin

Credentials: PSA level IV Ranking, PSA Master Rated Coach in Freestyle, Master of Sports International Class Rated by the Soviet Union (URRS) Figure Skating Federation 1987 Bachelor Degree of Physical Education, sport and sports management Ukraine National University of Physical Culture and Sport.

Coaching Achievements: Prudential US National Championship, Sectional & Regional Championships champions/medalists.

Skating Achievements: Ukraine National Senior Men Champion, USSR National Cup Senior Medalist; USSR National Championship Junior Men Silver Medalist.

Trained by: World and European Champion – Vladimir Kovalev

Mentor by Olympic Coach – Elena Tchaikovskaia

Areas for Private Lessons: High and Low Freestyle, Off Ice conditioning, private and group. Hockey power lessons

Private or semi-private rate: $24 (per 20min)

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Holly Hinsch

Credentials: PSA Registered Rated in Freestyle; 4 time U.S. National Championship pairs competitor, Gold test freestyle, and pairs; junior national and national level coach.

Private or semi-private rate: $22 (per 20min)

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Patty Gremaux

Credentials: PSA level III ranking; PSA registered MIF and Certified Rated in Freestyle. 25 years coaching experience. I have coached skaters from beginner through Senior MIF, senior FS, and ISI FS 10.  I have coached skaters at Regional, Sectional, Junior National, and International (North America Challenge Skate) events and was a US Developmental Team coach.

Private or semi-private rate: $22 (per 20min)

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John Salway

Credentials: PSA Registered Rated in Freestyle and Pairs, Professional Since 2001, National and International competitor, Member of Team USA (2004-2007) USFSA Senior MIF * Senior FS * Senior Pairs * ISI Freestyle 10

Teaches: Learn to Skate, Pairs, Power, MIF and Freestyle

Private or semi-private rate: $22 (per 20min)

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Marina Sheffer

Artistic Director

Credentials: USFSA coach member since 1996.

Coaching Achievements: Olympic champions, World Champions, Junior World Champions, US and International champions and medalists in Freestyle, Dance and Pairs.


  • 1992 Vice-Miss of the Qualifying Regional (Russia) “Miss Universe-92” Contest
  • 1992 Vice-Miss of the “‘Miss Marina 92” Contest (Russia)
  • 1987 Prize Winner of the 2nd All-Union Festival of the Dance Companies (USSR)
  • 1985 Prize Winner of the 12th World Youth Festival in Moscow (USSR)

Trained by: USSR State University of Theatrical Arts professor and International ballet coach Alexander Zeilinger. Bolshoi Theatre Prima and Internationally acclaimed ballet coach Marianna Bogolyubskaya.

Areas for Private Lessons: 

  • Artistic presentation and courage
  • Coordination and alignment
  • Spirals and spins positions
  • Proper leg extensions and arm movements
  • Team unison (synchronization) and rhythm
  • Overall balance, and flow of the programs
  • Consolidation of athletes’ on ice training with off-ice formal ballet education
  • Development of a good full-body stretch techniques for flexibility and injury prevention.

Private or semi-private rate: $ 25 (per 20 min)

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