• I would like to follow up with the details what I discussed during Saturday, June 9th FWISC meeting. Lots of changes coming up in US Figure Skating structure, all information you can find on http://www.usfsa.org/.

See the Skating Director items covered below:

2018-2019 Season

  • Freeskate Test requirements (skaters have an option to test with minimum test requirements to maximum competition chart requirements) at their option!
  • Moves in the Field test will be slightly modified in about 2-3 years (USFS working on it)
  • Excel Free Skate chart (effect September 1st of 2018)
    • Juvenile – Senior 6.0 or IJS (per skater choice)
    • Excel will replace Test Track
    • 2019 EGL will provide Excel levels
  • Competition Task Force – details file attached (effect QL level skaters only)

2019-2020 Season

  • National Qualifying Series
    • A National Qualifying Series (NQS) will be created by linking together already existing non-qualifying competitions that fall between June 1st – September 15th annually.
    • Six singles athletes with the highest score, in each level, in each section, would receive an automatic advancement (treated as a “bye”) to their respective sectional event; the three pairs and dance teams with the highest score, in each level, nationwide, would receive an automatic advancement to their respective U.S. Final event, held in conjunction with one of the three sectional singles events.
    • Regionals
    • Sectionals – FINALS
    • Top 4 advance to National Camp
    • Regionals
    • Sectionals- FINALS
    • Top 4 advance to National Camp
  • US NATIONAL Championship
    • Junior/Senior + 2 top Novice in Singles Ladies/Men compete with Juniors
    • Juvenile-Novice (Singles/Pairs/Dance) Top 4 National CAMP
  • FWISC skaters NEW opportunity “Theater On Ice” – details attached
    • Short Term Goal: compete @ TOI Nationals
    • Long Term Goal: compete Internationally
    • All level skaters are WELCOME!
    • Levels determine by Moves in the Field test
  •  Battle of the Blades
    • Thank you to the skaters/parents and FWISC families on taking volunteer shifts during the Battle of the Blades competition, I really appreciate! It’s extremely important for our local figure skating community to get together and will be willing to help!
    • Board of Directors also doing an AMAZING job by working together to get FWISC club stronger/fun/safe environment for all skaters!
  • 2019 Midwestern Sectional
    • November 14-17, 2018
    • All days tickets- $45
    • Day pass – $15
    • Volunteers NEEDED
      • please email Nancy Halaburda at nancyhalaburda@yahoo.com
      • All FWISC skaters or members will have to purchase tickets to watch events
      • For every 3 – 4 hours volunteered – daily ticket ($15) will be provided
    • Medical Certified staff needed – if you know someone or you are in the medical field
      • please email LOC Chair Alena Lunin at alunin@icesports.com.  We need your help!
      • All Days Pass ($45) will be provided for Medical Certified Staff (minimum 6 hours shift)

Academy/Bridge Newsletter includes:

US Figure Skating Pipeline

  • Explains figure skating programs and developments

GOOD LUCK to all!

Smile and Enjoy the performance

Alena Lunin
Skating Director
SportOne/Parkview Icehouse
Canlan Ice Sports-Fort Wayne
O: (260) 387-6614 ext.108
Fax: (260) 387-6658

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