Battle of the Blades

April 26 - 28, 2013 at Lutheran Health Sports Center in Fort Wayne, IN


The following events will be available:

2013 National Solo Dance Series - all levels
Short Program – intermediate through senior
Free skating - all levels
Test Track – all levels
Pairs – pre-juvenile through senior
Adult – Basic through Adults Gold
Compulsory – basic skills up to pre-juvenile, adults
Spins – preliminary through senior
Jumps- pre-preliminary through senior
Basic Skills - all levels
Showcase – pre-preliminary through junior 

IJS system and critiques from high level officials will be offered for Juvenile through Senior!

Download the entry form here

The entryeeze electronic sign up should be up and running soon! Please check back.

Skating Director: Alena Lunin (260)387-6614 ext. 108
Mail to:
Attn: Alena Lunin/Skating Director
3869 Ice Way
Fort Wayne, IN 46805

Phone: (260)387-6614 Ext.108