Collegiate Program

Hello FWISC members,

FWISC Board of Directors approved to share Trine’s new collegiate program for the future information what your skater can do during college.

Trine would be a great school to stay local and keep taking lessons from their coaches all while competing for their University! Trine University has recently launched a fully funded varsity figure and synchronized skating program for Fall 2018. Trine is now 1 of 2 fully funded varsity intercollegiate teams and 1 of 4 synchro teams in the nation!

What does this mean for your skaters?

They have the opportunity to continue doing what they love free of charge! As a varsity athlete at Trine, skaters will receive free ice time, coaching, skate tape, laces, tights, athletic apparel, practice and competition dresses as well as travel and meal expenses, and will also have access to our amazing new workout facilities on campus. We want to make sure our skaters are supported and have the best college experience possible all while competing in the sport they love.

Attached are two files:

  • Trine Varsity Skating 2018
  • Trine Skating FAQ

Alena Lunin

Skating Director

SportOne/Parkview Icehouse

Canlan Ice Sports-Fort Wayne

O: (260) 387-6614 ext.108

Fax: (260) 387-6658

Click here for TRINE Varsity Skating 2018

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