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Hello FWISC members,

FWISC Board of Directors approved to share Trine’s new collegiate program for the future information what your skater can do during college.

Trine would be a great school to stay local and keep taking lessons from their coaches all while competing for their University! Trine University has recently launched a fully funded varsity figure and synchronized skating program for Fall 2018. Trine is now 1 of 2 fully funded varsity intercollegiate teams and 1 of 4 synchro teams in the nation!

What does this mean for your skaters?

They have the opportunity to continue doing what they love free of charge! As a varsity athlete at Trine, skaters will receive free ice time, coaching, skate tape, laces, tights, athletic apparel, practice and competition dresses as well as travel and meal expenses, and will also have access to our amazing new workout facilities on campus. We want to make sure our skaters are supported and have the best college experience possible all while competing in the sport they love.

Attached are two files:

  • Trine Varsity Skating 2018
  • Trine Skating FAQ

Alena Lunin
Skating Director
SportOne/Parkview Icehouse
Canlan Ice Sports-Fort Wayne
O: (260) 387-6614 ext.108
Fax: (260) 387-6658
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Varsity Skating 2018
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I want to take a moment to introduce myself as I step into my new role at Trine University. I’ve recently been hired to lead our new fully funded Varsity Figure and Synchronized Skating Teams and am working to spread the word to skaters who may be interested in taking advantage of this opportunity. Because the teams are fully funded, this means the University will be funding everything from ice time to travel costs to competition dresses for both individual and synchro skaters!

Do you have skaters who would like to continue skating after high school? Please pass along the attached information and feel welcome to connect me with interested individuals. I can be reached via email or on my cell at 248-787-6849. I would also be more than happy to visit and present on the many collegiate skating opportunities there are to choose from. The more I get to know your skaters, the better I can help point them to a program that works best for them. Just let me know.

A couple of notes since your skaters (especially Seniors!) and parents may be wondering.

Can Seniors still apply? Does Trine University offer scholarships?
YES and YES! Trine offers some really great scholarships including academic scholarships, grants and needs based aid (see here!). The best way to see what you’ll be awarded is to apply. Our process is free and we don’t require an essay (YAY!) so it typically takes about 10-15 min and we have about a 2 week turnaround once everything is submitted. So, if your Seniors are waiting to hear back from other schools, applying won’t hurt and they may be surprised by how much scholarship aid they’ll be awarded.
Students can apply here – Be sure to mark ‘Figure Skating’ or ‘Synchronized Skating’ on Page 4 so I can connect with them and help them through the process.
What is Trine University like?
Student success is our number 1 priority!
  • At a Glance: Located in Angola, IN – Fall 2017 enrollment – 5,184 students, Average class size – 19, Financial Aid – An average of $27,354 is given to each student.
  • We have a near 100% job placement rate after graduation so students (and parents!) can feel good about their investment in their education.
  • If you don’t graduate in 4 years, Trine will pay for your 5th year of school (This is an incredible commitment to our student’s success).

We’re interested in learning more, what should we do?

  • Contact Coach Franchock – or call/text 248-787-6849 orvisit our website for more info.
  • Schedule a campus visit – Click here to schedule a tailored campus tour.
  • Join our college skating weekend on April 14-15! – See attached flyer and schedule. All High School and Transfer students are welcome to attend.

I am so thankful for and encouraged by the support and kind words this new program has received so far. As we begin this journey of growing a new collegiate skating opportunity for skaters, we appreciate working with you and strive to support your skaters however we can. Please feel welcome to reach out anytime and let me know how I can help you and your skaters!

Thank you,


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