Battle of the Blades

Battle of the Blades is right around the corner.  I’m going to need volunteers starting Friday afternoon and all day Saturday.  We will set your exact schedule when we get the competition schedule (we usually change shifts during ice makes, about every two hours).  Here are the jobs, I will provide detailed instructions for each job, this is just an overview.

Runners: collect results sheets from the judges, take them to the accounting room, etc.    Good job for kids 8 years old and up. I need two per shift.

Ice Monitor:  Check off skaters for practice ice and events, you will have a clipboard with their names.  Advise judges of missing competitors.  Teenagers and adults, one per shift

Registration: Greet and check in skaters, pass out goodie bags, answer questions (you will be given the answers).  Adults only, please, need two per shift.

Food:  Assist Kelly however she directs.  Make sure coaches & volunteers rooms are stocked.  One per shift should be adequate.

Music:  push play and then stop.  The music is supposed to be uploaded to a computer but there might be the random CD to play.  One per shift and teen to adults only

Awards:  Present the medals and ribbons to the little darlings.  The runners will bring you the results sheets.  One per shift.

Announcers:  This job is kind of tricky and has very specific guidelines.  If you have a good microphone voice and want to learn this one, contact me to audition.

Security: Chet Gilbert is in charge of this but may want helpers (he’ll need to eat, etc)  We follow the “Safe Sport” guidelines and will need to monitor the locker rooms so random people who don’t belong don’t wander in.

Remember each family is required to volunteer for 4 hours each year.  You and your skater could do one shift each and knock that out right here!

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