Hello FWISC members,
I am so happy to announce that we are slowly but surely rolling back to the "New-Normal". Please take time to REVIEW and SHARE with your skater this information and IMPORTANT attached files.
We would open doors on May 26th and “New-Normal” safety operation plan will be in place for all activities @ SportONE Parkview Icehouse.
I would like to point out few important things that NOT included in the attached documents that would be important for all FWISC members to know ahead of time:
  • Coaches REQUIRED to wear mask and will be allowed to be on the ice or on the rink side, it would depend on their lesson plan and skater abilities.
  • 6-feet social distance will be required and enforced at all the time
  • Parent MUST give permission letter to the coach and provide copy to the skating director if parent allow coach to work on the pole or stationary harness with their child. Skater will be required to wear mask if on the pole or stationary harness.
  • Rink side boards, hockey benches and bleachers are all marked with 6-feet social distance.
  • Skaters MUST place her/his water bottle/tissue on the designated 6-feet spot around the rink and will NOT be allowed to put any items on in front of the hockey benches.
  • Skaters will be required to STOP @ the line to listen for her/his correction (line will be drawn 3-feet from the boards) if coach coaching on the side.
  • Coach must draw two circles (one for the coach and one for the athlete) with 6-feet apart if coaching on the ice.
  • All locker rooms marked with 6-feet social distance, maximum 6 skaters in one locker room will be allowed.
  • Two locker rooms for the girls and one for the boys when available during freestyle.
  • Chairs will be placed with 6-feet apart on the side of the rink in case locker rooms are full.
  • Skaters could choose to use locker room or chair by the side of the rink at her/his preference.
  • Skating bags or any athletes belonging would not be allowed in the lobby.
  • Preferably - skaters come dressed for the freestyle sessions.
  • Only coaches will be allowed to play music during freestyle
  • Masks & nylon gloves will be available @ Skate Rental for all employees and customers if needed.
Bridge and Academy MAKE-UP classes:
Thursday: June 11th Academy 5:10-7:00pm and Bridge 5:30-6:50pm
Friday: June 12th Academy 5:10-7:00pm and Bridge 5:30-6:50pm
  • Academy skaters will use the same locker rooms after freestyle
  • In addition, two locker rooms will be available for the (Bridge) girls and one for the boys
  • Only one adult per program participant allowed in rink (preferably only one sibling)
  • Safety 6-feet social distance will be required and enforced in the entire facility and during classes format
  • Skaters will be required to line-up with 6-feet distance prior to entering the ice
Figure Skating CAMP:
Please email Skating Director at your earliest convenience (preferably before May 31st) if skater planning to participate in June 15-19 / June 22-26 camps. I would need to schedule additional staff for cleaning/sanitizing and camps will be also locked up to the # of participants.
JULY Schedule and Camps:
Will be available and as of today plan to offer:
  • Academy/Bridge – 7/10-8/14
  • Figure Skating camps – three weeks in July & one week in August
Battle of the Blades Competition:
Moved to the October 2-4, 2020
Please don’t hesitate to email Skating Director directly alunin@sportoneparkviewicehouse.com if you have any questions, I will be happy to assist!
Looking forward seeing you all soon!
Stay safe & healthy,
Alena Lunin – Skating Director
Sportone Parkview Icehouse
260-387-6614 ext.108
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